Supplement Smart

Herbs have been used since the beginning of human history to help maintain good health. However, being natural does not necessarily mean they are safe. Herbal supplements have an effect on the body and can potentially be harmful. They should therefore be used with care and respect.

Speak with a professional
It is sensible to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program.

If you’re pregnant…
We strongly recommend you ask your doctor before taking any supplement while pregnant or breast feeding.

If you have a health problem…
If you have, or suspect you might have a health problem seek medical advice. Herbal supplements should not be used to treat, cure or prevent disease.

If you’re about to have surgery…
It is recommended should stop taking any herbs at least 7 days before you undergo any surgery. Inform your physician if you are unsure.

Do not take herbal supplements in conjunction with ANY other medication before checking with your health practitioner.

Suggested Daily Intakes
Be aware that in the case of many herbs, not enough research has been conducted to establish a safe level.

One size doesn’t always fit
Daily intake depends on several factors such as age, gender and health – it is always best to get advice based on your individual needs.

Active ingredient quantities
Be aware that pure botanicals are not standardised in their manufacturing. This means active ingredients may differ among brands or even within different lots of the same brand.

Not all herbs are suitable for children. Always consult your family doctor.

Side effects
Botanical ingredients may cause side effects. If you experience any side effects stop taking the product and seek medical attention before continuing use.

Herbs can trigger allergic reactions. Be especially careful if you are sensitive to pollen. If you experience any reaction, stop taking the product and seek medical attention.

Start small
If wish to incorporate a particular herb or wholefood into your diet, do it gradually. Start with a small dose and slowly build up. But never exceed the RDI stated on the packet.

Food supplements should not be considered as a substitute for a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

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