Agnus Castus Berries

– Vitex Agnus-Castus is the fruit of the Chaste Tree, a shrub from the Verbenaceae family, native to Southern Europe.
– The Ancient Greeks believed Agnus Castus to be an anti-aphrodisiac, hence the name chasteberry.
– The peppery plant forms one of the ingredients of the Moroccan spice mixture ‘ras el hanout.’ The foliage has a spicy aroma and is also used to make pot-pourri.
– Known as ‘the women’s herb,’ Agnus Castus is believed to support a healthy female reproductive system.
– Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) wrote, ‘If blood flows from the womb, let the woman drink dark wine in which the leaves of the chaste tree have been steeped.’
– A clinical trial of 1,634 participants in Germany, 81 per cent said premenstrual syndrome was ‘very much or much better’ after taking agnus castus over the course of 3 menstrual cycles.
– While good evidence exists to supports its effectiveness, the methodology of some studies has been criticised.

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