Acacia Catechu

The Catechu is a deciduous tree from the Mimosaceae family, native to India and Pakistan.
The word Catechu comes from the Sanskrit ‘Khadira’ – that which brings stability to body.
In ancient India, Acacia Catechu was classified as a Rasayana plant for its rejuvenating properties. By the 16th century it was being used to treat various skin conditions.
The bark is high in natural vegetable tannins used to dye leather, cotton and silk. It is also used with Henna to colour hair.
Deep orange/red Acacia Catechu powder is used a natural food colourant in South Asian cuisine.
The species lent its name to the flavonols: catechins, catechols and catecholamines. Catechins are highly-potent anti-oxidants, the same as those found in green tea and cocoa.

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