Herbal Extracts / Tinctures

A liquid plant extract is a concentrated solution made by extracting chemical constituents out of raw plant fibres with a solution of alcohol, glycerine, or vinegar. We use whole herbs, flowers, barks and seeds to produce the finest quality herbal extracts. Pure, fresh and full of goodness…the way nature intended.

• 100% Pure ingredients – absolutely nothing added.
• Grown naturally – GMO free, non-irradiated, organic where possible.
• Pharmaceutical grade – coloured bottles for hygiene and extended life.

There are 2 types depending on use and preferences:

1. Vegetable Glycerine – non-alcoholic tincture
Botanicals are extracted into glycerine and sterile water to retain and preserve the naturally-occurring constituents of the plant. Available as Standard (1:2) or MAX Strength (1:1).

2. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
The plant is extracted at a ratio of 1:2 into organic apple cider vinegar at 5% acidity.