Irish Moss

– Irish Moss is a small red algae from the Gigartinacea family which grows in Rocky areas of the Atlantic Coast.
– 55% of its weight is made up of the polysaccharide carrageenan, 15% is mineral content and 10% protein.
– Carrageenan is a popular food thickening agent used in cooking, baking, and it makes smoothies extra thick and creamy.
– Irish Moss is packed with health-promoting nutrients including vitamins rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, K and Folate.
– Contains 15 essential minerals to support good health including iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, silicon, sulphur, zinc and trace minerals.
– It is an excellent source of essential nutrient iodine.
– In Irish folklore, the dried seaweed is known as Magic Moss and is said to bring good fortune.
– Powdered Irish Moss is fairly neutral in taste and colour. It is a versatile food supplement which can be used to add a thick, smooth, creamy texture to soups, stews, green smoothies and juices. It is a natural binder and alternative to eggs.
– The seaweed is also used externally in cosmetics and seaweed baths to soften and soothe the skin because it contains high amounts of Vitamin K.

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